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Thank you for your interest in contacting us at Wiki5w1h. Please read the following before proceeding to contact us.

  1. Wiki5w1h is a project to provide quick basic information so our every article is concise yet provides complete necessary information. However, we are open to any suggestions which you have. If you still want to understand the concept of Wiki5w1h, the About Wiki5w1h page may help.
  2. The Cofounders of Wiki5w1h are not personally responsible for any content. All the content is created with good intentions to provide education and knowledge without any hustle.
  3. Right now, the content is created by a team of writers who are willing to contribute. If you are willing to contribute to the content, then please contact us. We are soon to open public edit and creation of page so the public at large can create and consume content.
  4. If you disagree with an article’s content, or if you consider any content not correct, you may contact us on our social media or through this page.

For any further queries, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to contact us through email at

You may also contact or visit our main office.

Office Address:
Wiki5w1h Main Office
Education Startups
Launch-pad, Near Kashmir Highway.