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All you must know about wheel

What is the difference between a rim and a wheel?

Many people use rim and wheel interchangeably because they think that both are the same, but they are not the same technique. Rim is the part of the wheel; it is not a full wheel. While the wheel has many parts such as; Discs, hub, hub flange, threaded stud, Rim, etc. while the rim is cylindrical wheel outer edge which holds the tire of the wheel. The function of the rim is sealing and supporting the tire of the wheel.

When was the wheel invented?

According to some research, the wheel was invented in 3,500 BC, but No one properly knows about the exact invention of the wheel. Hence, it is known that the idea of the wheel got from the branch of the trees which can rotate easily.

Where was wheel made?

The proper wheel, which was freely spinning. were made in Mesopotamia (Iraq) by 4200–4000 BC. The oldest wheel was found in Ur (Iraq), dated 3100 BC, approximately.

Who made the wheel?

As it is stated above that wheel was invented in Ur, present-day Iraq. In 3100 BC. It is very hard to know the person who invented it. It is known that the idea of the wheel got from the branches of the tree which can easily rotate and reach to the destination.

Why is the wheel important?

The wheel is very important because through wheel people can travel from one place to another easily. They can carry their luggage. Transportation becomes very easily after the wheel. It is used in a lot of machines both in small and large through which can run our factories as well as helpful in our home. Wheel plays a good role in our economy too.

How does the wheel help us today?

The uses of the wheel are a lot in the present day. It is not only used for transportation purposes but also for use in new technology. The wheel has many mechanical advantages. It has fastened our economy and increase our social life too.

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