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What is the difference between weather and climate in simple terms?

Weather is short-termed and the day-to-day state of the atmosphere whereas Climate is like over a long period of time (often 30 years) in a specific area

When are weather forecasts more accurate?

Weather forecasts are more accurate when the weather is predicted for a shorter period of time. A weather forecast for seven days can be accurate 80% and a weather forecast for five days can be accurate 90%. However, a weather forecast for more than ten days can be accurate half of the time.

Where weather instruments are kept?

The meteorological station is a Weather station where weather instruments are kept and used for measuring temperature and humidity-free from direct solar radiation, or insulation.

Who gives you weather alerts?

Generally, Weather warning is issued by the Meteorological Department in all over the world.

Why weather predictions often wrong?

Nature can be an unpredictable crazy thing. The atmosphere is a chaotic system we are attempting to predict something that is inherently unpredictable that’s why to get it wrong often.

How many are the variables of the weather?

Weather conditions are determined by six main factors: air pressure, air temperature, the humidity of the air, kind of cloud cover, kind of precipitation, and speed and direction of the wind.

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