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What makes a war a war?

Not every conflict is war. War is a situation where fighting between two countries or a group of people. The use of weapons, the involvement of military organization or soldiers is necessary that in war. During the war, the nations get their rights by enforcement.

When did World War 1 start and end?

After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, World War I began in 1914 and ended in 1918. This war is fought between Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, and the central powers; the Ottoman Empire, against the Great Britain France, Japan, Romania, Italy and Russia and the Allied Powers: the United States,

Where the First World War was mainly fought?

The majority of the fighting of the First World War did in the western and eastern front of Europe. The huge fighting of the world war 1 took place in Belgium and France.

Who won World War 1?

The World War 1 won by the Allies; Britain, the US and France.

Why are wars fought?

Wars fought to get control of the piece of land for natural resources, religious and cultural reasons. War is also fought to get the political balance of power. It has been fought to solve the arguments about many issues such as money, land etc.

How does a war end?

War is ended after negotiation and sign different treaty among nations.

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