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What is the universe?

All the space and their inside things including Galaxies, Stars, Planets, all forms of energy and other bodies are called the universe. The size of the Universe is unknown.

When was the universe created?

The scientist and researcher give a prediction that the universe created 13.8 billion years ago. About universe creation, the different religions have different argues but half of the world believes in Big Bang theory.

Where is the center of the universe?

This question is still pending, there is no one knows about the size of the universe, therefore, the scientist cannot able to mark the center of the universe.

Who is the creator of the universe?

About the creator of the universe, there are different views of people and researchers. Every religious people claimed that the universe created by his GOD and the researcher and scientist view that the universe created by himself through a blast and give the argues of Big Bang theory.

Why is the universe expanding?

Scientists believed that very early universe was flying apart due to unknown reasons and it simply continued to do so at ever decreasing rate.

How will the universe end?

There are various theories about the end of universe. Some scientists believe that the ever expanding universe will stop expanding and start contracting back until it collapsed.

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