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What is Tropical Cyclone?

A tropical cyclone is a very intense and strong wind system that has a low-pressure centre and has wind of hurricane force. It usually formed over tropical oceans. Hence, it is called a tropical cyclone.

When do tropical cyclones occur?

The usual time of tropical cyclones depends on the geography of the place. November to April is the usual time of tropical cyclones in the South Pacific and Australia. April to June is the usual time of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Where are tropical cyclones found?

Tropical cyclones are usually found above the tropical oceans. That is the reason they are called tropical cyclones.

Who gave the name of a cyclone?

The names of Cyclones are given by various warning centers to ease the communication process between the organizations and media in order to provide guidance and information to the general public.

Why are tropical cyclones given female names?

In the 20th century, tropical cyclones were usually given names of politicians. However, this practice caused criticism so during the Second World War army and navy meteorologists started naming tropical cyclones after their girlfriends. This practice has been discontinued now and the names are chosen among male, female names or the names of other things.

How is a cyclone formed?

A tropical cyclone is usually formed near the equator over warm ocean waters. The tropical cyclone is formed when warm and moist air present over the ocean rises upward from the surface of the ocean. This upward movement of air leaves less air near the surface and create cyclone.

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