Thermal Pollution

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What is thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution is the degradation of the quality of water in the form of change in water temperature which results in resources various processes including amounts use of water as a coolant by power plants and industrial manufacturers. It can also cause soil erosion.

When did thermal pollution occur?

Thermal pollution occurs when manufacturing plants or other plants intake a huge amount of water and put it back with altered temperature. This altered temperature is a form of thermal pollution.

Where is thermal pollution found?

Thermal pollution is usually found around the power plants and industrial factories as these facilities intake huge amounts of water resources to cool down or process the machinery and later release the same water back with increased temperature.

Who is affected by thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution has a very harmful ecological effect on plants, animals and aquatic organisms. The increase or decrease in the temperature can result in the huge damage to aquatic life and sometime results in complete elimination of species. Furthermore, a phenomenon called thermal shock can also risk life in the water due to thermal pollution.

Why thermal pollution is harmful to the fish population?

Thermal pollution is harmful to the fish population as the increased temperature of water sometimes that less oxygen is dissolved in water which results in difficulties for fish and others. Furthermore, enhanced temperatures increase metabolic rate which occurs in a decrease in resources.

How we can control thermal pollution?

We can control thermal pollution by treating water with the help of cooling ponds, cooling towers, and co-generation. Cooling ponds are man-made water bodies that decrease water temperature, cooling towers transfer waste heat to the atmosphere through evaporation, and co-generation is a process in which waste heat in for domestic or industrial heating purposes.

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