Solid Waste Disposal

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What is the meaning of solid waste disposal?

Solid waste disposal means the proper placement, discharge, deposit, dumping of waste which is not recycled.

When did waste disposal start?

Congress passed the solid waste disposal Act in 1965, about solid waste disposal, it was the first national regulation

Where did Waste Management start?

The first proper waste management started in Houston, Texas in 1968. This company had almost 346 transfer station and 146 recycling plants. There are also many ways included in this company such as 293 active landfill disposal sites, more than 100 beneficial-use landfill gas projects power production plants that are totally independent.

Who provides solid waste disposal services?

The Metropolitan Board of Works is the first organization that first provided solid waste disposal services.

Why it is important to reduce solid waste?

Waste creates a huge negative impact on the environment. Different harmful and greenhouse gasses are released in huge amounts from the rubbish in wastes which create land and air pollution. Solid waste management is helpful to reduce raw material and pollution.

How do you dispose of solid waste?

You can dispose of solid waste in many ways such as • open burning; the easy • dumping into the sea; for the people who live near the sea • sanitary landfills also a easy method and can do for long time • incineration, composting, ploughing in the field; the best ways for dispose of solid • Grinding and discharging into sewers

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