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What is the difference between the ocean and a sea?

Ocean and sea are different in many ways such as; ocean separate continent from each other like Atlantic Ocean separates Africa and Europe from North /South America. Oceans are deeper than sees. In the area; oceans are larger than the sea. The largest ocean Pacific Ocean covers 60,060,700 square miles while the largest sea Mediterranean Sea has an area of 1,144,800 square miles. Hence, it is a similar area of the smallest oceans.

When the level of the sea rises?

The level of the sea rise when expanding oceans melt glaciers at high altitude and ice sheet lose ice faster. The temperature of earth is rising due to climate change and this phenomenon trigger a reaction by melting ice and glaciers into the oceans and sea. Hence, the ultimate result is the rise of sea level.

Where are the seas located?

The seas are located all around the Earth. 71% of the Earth is covered with water which is divided into oceans and seas. All the seas are located near to the land.

Who lives in a sea?

There are various species that live in the sea. Earth is covered about 71% of water. Hence, it is believed that more life is under the sea then above the sea. It is a complete new world under the sea and only those species can live under the sea which can breathe in the water.

Why is the sea called the sea?

The sea is called sea because the ancient Greeks called sea “Inhospitable Sea” due to its reputation of being hard to navigate and survive owing to presences of hostile tribes who inhabited its shores. Later on, it was renamed as “Hospitable Sea”.

How sea is formed?

Scientist believes on a theory that the water was vaporized from the molten rocks into the atmosphere on the upper side of the planet. Later on, when the temperature of planet fell below the boiling point, the water came back in shape of rain which went on for centuries and it created sea.

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