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What is the point of school?

The school is the place which develops us as a human being. It helps us in living morally, creatively, and productively in modern-day life. Furthermore, it sparks the learning light within the students. Some people often do not realize how important the school is and ask if there is a point to school? Yes, indeed there is, and school is essential to living at fullest in the modern-day world.

When was the first school invented?

The schools were invented and established by various civilizations. Almost all the civilizations established learning schools and named them according to civilization, culture, and language. Take the example of a modern-day school in America, the first modern-day school was built in 1635 in the USA.

Where was the first school built?

Every civilization established schools and named them accordingly. Similarly, every nation established its first school after or before the creation of the country. Take the example of the USA, the first public school in the USA namely Boston Latin School was established in Boston in the year 1635.

Who invented school?

The modern-day school in the USA was introduced by Horace Mann who was secretary of education in Massachusetts and championed the cause of organized schooling and set curriculum of core knowledge for each student in schools.

Why do we go to school?

We go to school to learn the ways of modern life and to learn how to live life correctly and humanly. It is believed that it is the school that makes humans real humans. Schools help us to understand everything around us. It teaches us to question, to understand, to learn and to be human.

How can I improve my school?

One can improve the school by contributing to the requirements of school according to your powers. It depends on what you can do for school. If you are a student then learn more and focus on a study to raise the flag of your school among other schools.

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