Remote Sensing

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What is remote sensing?

Remote sensing is the acquiring of information with the help of scanning by satellite or high flying aircraft to ensure no physical contact with the object or place about which information is being gathered.

When was remote sensing first used?

Remote sensing was first used in the 1840s by the balloonists who took pictures of the earth with the help of newly invented photo-camera.

Where is remote sensing used?

Remote sensing is used in countless fields including land surveying, geography and almost all of the earth science disciplines due to its huge utility.

Who invented remote sensing?

Balloonists invented an early form of remote sensing when they used a newly invented the camera to take pictures of the ground with the help of their balloons.

Why is remote sensing important?

Remote sensing is very important for humans as it helps us to understand various phenomena and act accordingly.

How remote sensing works?

Remote sensing works with the help of satellites or flying aircraft. These flying objects collect the data about the ground and earth and transmit it in the form of images and other results. These results are interrupted to conclude the reasoning and justifications.

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