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What are food quality principles?

Food quality principles are that it is accepted by customers both inside and outside. It is good such as hygiene, reliable, consistent, traceable, relevant for the customer and consumer, and above all transparency and accountability are the driving principles.

When the quality of the food matters a lot?

Food is the basic need of life, it is important for every living thing, not only food but the quality of food because only food can not fulfill the basic need, its quality matters a lot. Quality of food matters every time especially for babies, patients, pregnant women and old age people. Hence, the quality of food is the basic right of every person of all ages.

Where the quality of the food checked?

Quality of food check in different state laboratories and it can be check during making food.

Who checks the quality of the food?

There are different public health agencies in the different countries that proved food safety and inspection services these people check the quality of food.

Why are food safety and quality important?

Food is the basic need of every person. Food safety and security is the basic need of every person. People pay for food and it has to be safe and qualitative. After eating bad food people can be sick and it can cause a bad effect on their health that is why food safety, security, and quality is very important.

How do you determine the quality of the food?

Food quality is determined by its external and internal factors. Its external factors are its appearance such as its size, shape, color, consistency, etc and its external factors are texture, flavor chemical, microbial etc. if food is accepted by consumer and customer both internally and externally hence, it is qualitative food.

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