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What are preservatives made from?

Preservatives and antioxidants are a wide variety of compounds or numerous chemical additives that prevent in a wide range of products in foods or retard spoilage caused by chemical changes.

When were preservatives invented?

In January 1810 Food Preservation techniques were invented By Nicolas Appert.

Where preservatives are used?

Most Commonly preservatives used in medicines such as insulin, acetaminophen and cough syrup, but preservatives are also used in food, cosmetics and are wood preservation.

Who uses preservatives?

Food and Drug companies are used preservatives to prevent the growth of micro-organism. people used different goods purchased from different bakeries in their daily life are preservative foods.

Why preservatives are used?

Preservatives are used to prevent or slow down the growth of micro-organisms in food. An antioxidant prevents food from deterioration due to oxidation.

How do preservatives kill bacteria?

Preservatives fight with those spoilages which caused bacteria, fungus, yeast and bacteria. Preservatives added to food and food preserve for a long time. This can keep food not only preserve but also fresh for long time and make longer its shelf life.

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