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What is the difference between prehistory and history?

History is the recorded past events while the prehistory, as show its name, is before history. The main difference between history and prehistory is the existence of the record. History is fully recorded while prehistory is before the introduction of writing.

Where did prehistory occur?

Prehistory started in the universe since life appeared on the earth. It is started in Africa when people made different pictures on the caves.

Who studies prehistory?

Different people study prehistory, who wants to know about the ancient world. Archaeologists studied prehistory to know the old lifestyle of the people and to know how old people make civilianization. mostly people who want to know about the prehistory to check their living, cultures, problems, and their solutions are stuidy prehistory.

Why is prehistory important?

Prehistory is important to know where we were and where we are now. It tells us about the very old life study of the people where they lived in very fewer resources.

When did prehistory start and end?

Prehistory started with the appearance of the people on the earth and it ends with the start of the written record on the earth. Prehistory is the time before introduction of the writing and it ends with the start of the writing.

How prehistory is investigated?

Prehistory is investigated with different tools like different remained material of humanity; pictures on the cave, art, ancient buildings, everyday objects, and even different bones.

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