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What is oil?

Oil is a liquid that is derived from petroleum to be used as fuel or lubricant and cooking oil is the oil that is derived from plants etc and it is edible and used in cooking.

When was oil first discovered in the world?

Chinese discovered and used oil in 600 B.C by transporting it in pipelines made from bamboo. However, in the recent history, discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in the year of 1859 and in Texas in the year of 1901 paved the way for oil economy.

Where oil comes from?

Oil comes from petroleum which is located beneath the earth surface in large quantities. These large quantities of oil beneath the earth surface are called reservoirs.

Who first discovered oil?

Chinese discovered oil in 600 B.C and they used it by transporting oil in the pipelines which were made of bamboo.

Why do we need oil?

Oil is the lifeblood of modern life of humans. It is the biggest source of energy in the world which humans are consuming to make modern life happen. Furthermore, oil is used in countless products which humans use in daily life.

How is oil made?

Crude oil is made in the process of millions of years which started when billions of tiny microscopic tiny plants and animals died and trapped beneath the oceans. It later turned into oil in a long lengthy period.

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