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What is a person's mind?

The mind is a faculty of consciousness, thinking, memory, perception, judgment, imagination and language.

When does the mind work best?

Mind work best when we feel fresh and energetic. It is usually a time when we had a plenty of sleep and have eaten food from quite some time.

Where is the mind located in the human body?

Mostly people think that the mind is located inside the brain or mind is one of the parts of the brain. So the answer is that the mind and brain are the same things. People can use both the terms interchangeably such as her mind works properly or her brain works properly.

Who generalized the term mind?

The generalization of the term mind developed gradually during 14th and 15th century.

Why does the mind feel foggy?

Our mind feels foggy due to health and well being issues. Proper sleep is essential to have a fresh mind. However, it can also happen due to medical reasons and it is wise to opt for medical checkup if mind feels foggy.

How can I sharpen my mind?

There are 9 ways which can instantly sharpen your mind • Find out your weakness and try to eliminate it • Play low-tech or high-tech memory games • Read different books that will increase the boundaries of your mind • Start new hobbies to collect new information and a new routine • Eat good food and do a balanced diet • Do exercise on a regular basis • Get enough and proper sleep

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