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What are examples of manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the production of goods and articles for consumption and sale usually to earn a profit. The example of manufacturing is the production of daily use items like machines, consumable products, etc.

When did manufacturing begin?

The current form of industrial manufacturing began in England in 1760 and it reached in the United States around the end of the 18th century. The modern form of manufacturing which started in England introduced mass production through the process operated through machinery. Hence, it becomes a cost-effective way to do mass production. This triggered the industrial revolution.

Where did the idea of manufacturing start?

It is believed that the idea of manufacturing dates back to 2200 years ago when people of East Asia were in a state of war and produced bronze crossbow triggers and interchangeable locking mechanism at mass scale. Later on, the same concept was produced in mass production.

Who is the largest manufacturer in the world?

Volkswagen Group of Germany is the largest manufacturer of the world in terms of revenue. Toyota Group of Japan, Apple of United States, and Samsun Electronics of South Korea come on second third and fourth respectively.

Why is manufacturing important?

Manufacturing is important because it fulfills the requirements of humans and fills our lives with comfort and luxury. It is essential to keep the current form of life as we know it. The standard of living of humans has increased manifold due to the mass scale manufacturing and process manufacturing.

How does manufacturing contribute to economic growth?

Manufacturing can be considered the backbone of economic growth as it heavily contributes to job creation, product provision, and dealing with international competition. Furthermore, manufacturing is a stable form of taxation for the government and it helps nations to rise. Moreover, manufacturing contributes almost every economic indicator in some way or another.

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