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What is the first sign of malaria?

At the start, the patient of malaria feels flu with high fever, body aches with hot and cold stages and fatigue. In the children, the sign of malaria may not be specific; it depends on the delay of diagnosis. Some people also feel headache, rigors, nausea, weakness, and sweating.

When was malaria discovered?

Malaria discovered on August 20, 1897.

Where malaria is found?

Malaria is found in the tropical regions of the world, including Africa and Asia. It is found more than 100 countries in the world.

Who discovered malaria?

Ronald Ross a British medical doctor discovered malaria on 20th august, 1897. He received the noble price in 1902 for the transmission of malaria.

Why is malaria so deadly?

malaria so deadly because people who get malaria are typically very sick due to high fevers, body aches with hot and cold stages, fatigue, shaking chills, and flu-like illness.

How long has malaria been around?

The first verification of malaria was found in mosquitoes preserved almost 30 million years ago. Malaria in humans likely originated in Africa.