Lunar Eclipses

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What is lunar eclipses?

Earth casts a shadow on the full moon and blocks the sun’s light, which is called Lunar Eclipse. It is also good to know that it can occur only on the night of a full moon.

When does Lunar Eclipses occur?

Lunar Eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned, with Earth between the other two, hence, it only occurs on the night of a full moon.

Where do lunar eclipses occur?

Lunar eclipses occur on the places which can see the eclipses from the surface of the earth. If a shadow of the earth is seen on the moon from a particular place then that place is called a place where lunar eclipses occurred.

Who discovered lunar eclipses?

It is not clear who discovered the lunar eclipses. The first mention of a lunar eclipse was found on 29th January 1137 BC in the Chinese Book Zhou-Shu, a Book of the Zhou Dynasty.

Why is lunar eclipse is not dangerous?

A lunar eclipse is not dangerous because the Moon is not as strong so it is safe to look at it without any protective glass. Lunar Eclipse is completely harmless.

How many types of Lunar Eclipses?

There are three main types of Lunar Eclipses; total, partial and penumbral

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