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What is a light-year?

A light-year is a unit that measures the length of astronomical distances. Light year measure about 9.46 trillion kilometers miles. A light-year is the name of distance that light travel in a vacuum in one Julian year.

When were light-years discovered?

Light years discovered in 1838.

Where we use a light-year?

A light-year is used in astronomy to measure the length of astronomical distance.

Who discovered a light-year?

Friedrich Bessel discovered the light-year in 1838.

Why do we use a light-year?

We use a light-year to measure huge distances of the universe. The simple measurements of kilometers are too little to work out the great distances of the universe. Hence, the light-years are more efficient in the matter.

How many human years is a light-year?

A light-year is not the measurement of time rather it is a measurement of distance. Human years are the measurement of time. Hence, they both are different.

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