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Knowledge meaning is to learn something unknown. People get knowledge by learning, reading, and writing. Discussion is also a way of getting knowledge. What knowledge teaches is up to the gainer of it. Explicit knowledge is another word for knowledge. Getting knowledge is a natural process people learn naturally around their surroundings.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is information, skills, and description about something which gets through experience, study, observation or experiment.

When is Knowledge dangerous?

Knowledge is dangerous when it is used for wrong purposes. The purpose defines the outcome. Knowledge is a dangerous weapon in the hand of wrong people.

Where knowledge comes from?

Knowledge is usually any information that is stored in the brain. Hence, it can be retrieved back from brain and can be expressed verbally or non verbally.

Who should seek Knowledge?

Knowledge is all around us not only in the classroom or training. Every person should seek knowledge because through the knowledge the person makes himself regarding every aspect. There are many forms of Knowledge; knowledge about himself, knowledge about things and the world, knowledge about religious, etc

Why do we need Knowledge?

Knowledge is very important in life. Through the knowledge, we chose the wrong and right, build our future, make our personality, gain and learn behavior in different aspects, learn the dealing with other people, learn to how to treat the human and animal, know our weakness and strength, and the most important is that we understand ourselves.

How do gain Knowledge?

Knowledge is everywhere. We can gain a very simple and easy way but there is some way to mention that we can gain knowledge; read, reason, listen, from yourself, from around, the desire of learning, from the experiment, teach, write, ask, observe and practice.

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