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Human sexuality is the subject of science. This subject focuses on human gender and problems associated with him. It is also called the biology of human sexuality. Human sexuality courses include many other disciplines. This branch deals with human gender or sex-related problems. The branch also possesses separate disciplines for males and females.

What are the types of human sexuality?

There are three types of human sexuality • Heterosexual: Heterosexual is a type of human sexuality in which member is attracted psychically and romantically towards opposite sex such as male is attracted to female and female is attracted towards a male. Heterosexuality is also called “straight”. • Homosexual: Homosexuals are those people who are physically and romantically attracted to the same sex of people, for example in homosexually, a female is attracted to the female and male attracted to a male. Homosexuals both sex whether male or female called gay and gay females called lesbian. • Bisexual: People who are attracted physically or romantically towards both sexes like same-sex and opposite-sex called bisexual.

When does human sexuality begin?

Human] sexuality begins in early life and continues to develop in a process during life. However, the physical changes in the human body start to appear around 10 to 14 years, when humans experience an increase in growth of hormones and changes in the body like the appearance of facial and pubic hairs, etc.

Where to study human sexuality?

There are different universities that offer the course of human sexuality. Different universities also offer online human sexuality course and there are different online articles and books which people can study about human sexuality.

Who impacted the study of human sexuality in recent history?

Johann Bachofen was a swiss jurist who made a significant impact on the study of human sexuality during his lifetime in the eighteenth century.

Why do humans have sexuality?

Human has sex due to following reasons. • Physical cause: to get pleasure, relieve stress, do exercise, for physical attraction to a person, and for sexual curiosity. • Goal-based cause: to make a baby, to seek revenge, to make their family complete, to get a specific baby like a girl baby or boy baby. • Emotional cause: to love someone, for gratitude and for commitment • Insecurity causes: to save your partner from seeking sex somewhere else

How human sexuality affects your personality?

It is believed by some theorists that sexuality is the central source of human personality. It is believed due to the reason that sexuality in humans instigates strong emotional and psychological responses.

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