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Humans mean homosapines. Homosapien means an intelligent type of specie. From all the primates only humans are the ones who survived. However, currently, humankind is facing many unalienable rights problems. Human behavior is changed with time. Human rights are the complete topic studied and learned in a united nation organization.

What does mean to be human?

Human is a unique species that can communicate systematically, make a decision, wear clothing, fit in the different personalities, religion, culture, and political groups. Human makes their decisions and bear consequences of it. They are unique in their choices; clothing, profession, likes, dislike, gifts, talents, and many more.

Why humans are unique?

Human is unique because they are creative, good in decision making, fit in any group, unique in their choices, religion, and awareness of death, give expression. Human is bipedalism; using two legs for walking. It makes them unique because they can pick up, carry, hold, throw and do many activities easy just because of the feature of bipedalism.

When did humans first appear on earth?

It is estimated that humans first appear on the earth around 66 million years ago. It is estimated through fossil record which predicted it around the time when an extinction event rooted out three-quarters of animal and plant species from earth.

Where do humans evolve from?

It depends on who you ask. Scientists would say that humans are evolved from monkeys. They evolved in centuries according to the requirements of the earth to survive. The belief system of some religions suggests that humans came from heaven in the shape of humans.

Who is the first human?

The first human is believed to be Adam. It is believed that he was created by God and later sent to earth to live for a certain period of time and prosper. Scientists kept searching for the first humans as they are advancing every day and the belief system of science is changing with every new discovery.

How old is human on earth?

It is believed by scientists that humans are 66 million years old on earth as they have found the fossil records. However, new discoveries keep opening new avenues.

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