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A hospital is a place where people go for health care. There are different hospitals like children hospitals, family healthcare hospitals, and primary healthcare. Medical care is obtained from the medical center. The medical center is usually present near to the population. The health care facility is necessary for everyone. Community hospitals are also one of the type of hospitals.

What are the main hospital services?

The main services in the hospital are; the 24/7 emergency rooms, short term hospitalizations of patients, surgical services both general and specialty, different laboratory services, x-ray services, radiology services, and blood services. It totally depends on the hospitals, famous and large hospitals have many services as compare to a small hospital of the village.

When was the first hospital built?

The first hospital was built by English Quaker leader and colonist William Penn in 1713.

Where was the first hospital in the world?

The first hospital was built in Philadelphia a city found in the city of Pennsylvania in The United States Of America.

Who does work in a hospital?

There are many people work in the hospital; the most important staff in the hospital are; Doctors, Nurses, therapists, technicians, clerical staff, IT staff, cleaning staff, food services staff, etc.

Why do we go to the hospital?

There are many common reasons for which people go to the hospital but the most common reasons for which people visit the hospital are; emergency, skin infection, cuts and contusions, back pain, delivery, pregnancy checkup, Broken Bones and Sprains, abdominal pains, toothaches, upper respiratory infection, and chest pain.

How are hospitals classified?

Hospitals are usually classified into three categories depending upon the source of income. These categories are general, specialty, or government hospitals. Furthermore, another type of hospital is a teaching hospital that treats patients and teaches medical students at the same time.

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