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History is a subject that focuses on the history of human life on earth. Early human history helps in knowing about human civilization. Ancient human history dates back to the Stone Age. It also includes the history of humans and the history of the earth. With the understanding of early human civilization, people have learned many things about human history.

What is history?

History is the subject about the past events present in written form, all the past events which are not present in the written form is called prehistory. These past events can be about anything such as; human, particular person, events and things. Mostly, these are about human affairs.

Where do historical sources come from?

There are two main types where historical sources come from; primary and secondary sources. The primary source is originated from the past. It can be a piece of paper, a chronic and even a piece of glacial ice to know the climate data from the past. The second source from where the history comes from is the secondary source which is the present books written by historians. These historians spend a lot of time to understand the primary sources and write books to present people.

Who is the father of history?

Herodotus is considered the father of history. Herodotus lived in the 5th century BCE. He was a Greek historian from Halicarnassus, recently known as Bodrum, Turkey.

Why the study of history is important?

History tells us about the different past people and their activities that how they lived, in return, we learn that how should we live in our present how should we make good decisions on the basis of the history. History tells us about the different civilization and the importance of the beliefs came from the past. History informs us about our culture and the importance of our culture in life. Different people make their future bright after reading different past activities and get awareness.

When did history begin?

History began 5,000 years ago, beginning with the Sumerian Cuneiform script. According to historians, history began with the 30th century B.C.

How far back in history can we go?

History began 5,000 years ago. We can go 5,000 years back or we can go in 30th century B.C which is started with the Sumerian Cuneiform script.

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