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Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, sizes, dimensions, and position angels of things. Basic geometry is about flat, 2D geometric shapes like squares, circles and triangles, and 3D shapes like cubes and spheres. There are 3 branches of geometry. These are Euclidean, the hyperbolic galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way and spherical. Euclidean geometry deals with two dimensional and three dimensional (plane and solid geometry) structures. Besides mathematics, geometry has applications in chemistry as well. For example, molecular geometry deals with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in a molecule. Nowadays, many apps and online platforms offer geometry help.

What is geometry in simple words?

Geometry is the branch of mathematics. It is the study of shapes, volumes, length and areas.

When was geometry invented?

Geometry began to appear in Greek mathematics as early as the 6th century BC, and the elements of formal mathematics began to appear. In the third century BC, geometry was pushed to the axial direction by Euclid, and Euclidean’s element-Euclidean treatment method set the standard for many centuries of practice.

Where is geometry used?

There are some basic uses of geometry, but they don’t stop there. Most professionals are using geometry to get the job done right. E.g. computer imaging is today using geometric concepts to create animations, video games, designs and the like. Also, geometry is used in the map. Mapping is a crucial element in a profession such as a measurement and navigation.

Who invented geometry?

Euclid comes into history with the greatest of all mathematicians; he is also called the father of geometry. Most of us learned the standard geometry at the school is called Euclidean geometry.

Why geometry is important?

Geometry assists us to determine which material to use, how they are designed, how they play a crucial role in the construction process. Different houses and structures are constructed in different geometries to give a new appearance and provide proper aeration inside the house.

How is geometry used in real life?

From drawing sketches to calculating distances, they all use geometry to get the job done. Additionally, medicine and other professions such as architecture, engineers, etc. benefit from geometric imaging.

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