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Geography is the study of lands, places, environment, and inhabitants of the earth. In geography, the physical properties of the earth's surface are explored. There are two main types of geography, which are physical geography or human geography. Human geography deals with the study of humans acting on the earth's surface. Political geography and cultural geography are examples of human geography. On the other hand, physical geography deals with the natural features of the earth. Environmental geography and world geography are examples of physical geography.

What is geography in simple words?

The word geography means earth writing, geography is the field of science that studies the physical feature of the earth such as the landforms of the earth, oceans, rivers, ecosystem, environment and the interaction between the human society and environment. This includes the study about the increase of human population distribution on the earth, use of land, industries, and resources available on earth.

Who is the father of geography?

The ancient Greek poet, astronomer, mathematician “Eratosthenes of Cyrene” was known as the father of science.

Why geography matters?

Geography matters a lot because it affects our daily life due to the physical system of the earth such as wind, oceans, water cycle and the relationship of earth and sun. It is also important because after reading geography, we are able to understand the location of the different places and physical and cultural importance. It is important to understand the geography, to know the surface of the earth and the process of human and physical systems of the earth. Geography is the proper subject and people need at least a year to understand it.

Where geography can take me?

Geography can take me to understand the current local and global issues, the influence of humans on the environment, the physical and cultural characteristics of the specific land, and the affect of the physical system on the daily life of the earth.

When geography started?

Geography started from ancient Greek, the ancient Greece Eratosthenes coined the word “Geography”. The ancient Babylonians made the first map of the world in the 9th century BC.

How geography defines a culture?

Geography defines culture very clearly and it an important part of geography. Cultural geography is one of the important branches of the two branches of geography. Cultural geography is also known as human geography. mostly when people meet first time they ask about their area means about thier geography. One of the important to note that people can easily identify their (geographical area) country and even their city too from their face and body. Geography defines the culture including the language, music, art, values, religion, economic and governmental structure, and different aspects that examine the function of the people which they do in the specific area.

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