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Galaxy is a collection of dust, stars, dark matter, stellar remnants, gas, and solar system, all held together by a gravitationally bound system. There are uncountable galaxies in the universe. The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way, and It has a supermassive black hole in the middle.

What is Galaxy?

The word galaxy is derived from the Greek word “galaxies” literally meaning “milky”, a reference to the Milky Way which is our galaxy and it consists of a huge collection of gas, dust, stars and solar systems. A Galaxy is held together by gravity.

When was the classification of the galaxy made of?

The classification of the galaxy made in 1926. Edwin Hubble created a classification of the galaxy.

Where galaxies are located?

Galaxies are located throughout the universe. Till now, humans can only analyze the observable universe which is filled with strange galaxies.

Who classified galaxy?

Edwin Hubble classified galaxies and grouped them into four classes: spirals, barred spirals, ellipticals, and irregulars.

Why the milky way galaxy is important?

The Milky Way helps us to look in great detail at the workings of a moderated sized spiral galaxy. It is the foundation for our understanding of what goes on inside galaxies, much as the sun is the foundation for our entire understanding of stars.

How many are the types or classification of the galaxy?

Edwin Hubble found four distinct types of galaxies: elliptical, spiral, barred and irregular.

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