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Food is preserved for a longer period by freezing it. This frozen food is kept frozen until it is used. Nowadays, the most commonly used frozen meals are frozen yogurt, frozen custard, and frozen desserts. One can also get healthy frozen meals like frozen fruit and vegetables. For example, frozen banana, frozen grapes, frozen spinach, and frozen peas, etc.

What is meant by frozen food?

Frozen foods are the food that has been frozen and kept frozen until use. It keeps freeze until the time of preparation.

When did frozen food become available?

Frozen food became available during the 1940s and it has populated in the 1950s. In 1950, it hit the shelves of the United States. It has very popular with the passage of time and with the huge advancements in frozen foods.

Where was frozen food invented?

Frozen food was invented in Canada. in the present situation, frozen foods are used all over the world.

Who invented frozen food?

Many people try to developed different food freezing technique, however, it is believed that Clarence Birdseye was the person who invented the quick freezing method in 1924 as he produced the type of frozen food that we use and know today.

Why is frozen food important?

Frozen food is important because it provides food all over the world. Frozen foods are available all year and especially when the season is off. Foods can safe when it is cheap in price and use it when it is unique or when the price of these foods is high. People can safe food when it is perishable very soon.

How does frozen food work?

Freezing keeps the food safe for a long time from a different type of spoilage and microorganisms from growing. It also slows down different enzyme activities that source food to spoil.

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