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Flood is a temporary overflow of water on normally dry land. It happens due to a river overflow, heavy rainfall, snowmelt, and a dam break. Flood is one of the most common and frequent types of natural disasters. Other natural events are earthquakes, hurricanes, avalanches, etc.

What are the main causes of floods?

Severe floods are caused by atmospheric conditions. They often caused by rivers and lakes overflowing and Melting Snow or Ice.

When was the worst flash flood?

In history, the deadliest flash flood occurred on 11 August 1979 in the town of Morbi in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Where do floods occur most? Floods can occur most in flat or low-lying areas. Bangladesh (Asian Country)is the most famous flood-prone area in the world.

Who is responsible for flooding?

Lead Local Flood Authorities and Flood Risk Management Authorities are responsible for the flooding.

Why is flooding bad?

Flooding is bad because it causes loss of Human life, loss of livestock, destruction of crops, and damage to property. Floods can also victimize families for long periods of time. there are a lot of areas which are totally destroyed just because of the flood. People, animals, buildings, and many living and non-living things are effected by the flood. It is worse financially and non-financially.

How can we control the flood?

Dams, levees, lakes, and reservoirs should be constructed to hold or divert the extra water during the times of flood for other uses. Planting vegetation to retain extra water in downhill areas can help people reducing or preventing floods.

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