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The film is a form of visual art to stimulate individuals’ feelings, sense of beauty, expressions, ideas, and perceptions. Cinema; an abbreviation of cinematography refers to the technological and commercial film industry to lure the audience in the wide world of art. Cinema uses the technique of motion pictures to create new astonishing works of art in the form of new and novel movies. Film-making is a worldwide phenomenon of creating and distributing new movies as products in particular fields.

What is the purpose of the film?

There are different purposes of a film, included education, awareness, and propaganda. When the main purpose of the film is educational, a film is called educational film. Generally, most of the movies are about storytelling; transfer messages, convey emotions to the viewer, increase awareness about the issues, give education about the subjects.

When was the film invented?

Edison and Dickson invented a fist motion film in 1892. That film was the first show to the public in 1893. Hence, the first film produced by Edison called Edison film, commercial publically in 189.

Where are the most popular film industries in the world?

The first and most popular film industry in the world is the Hollywood film industry. The other popular film industries are; The Indian movie industry called Bollywood film industry, Cinema of China, United Kingdom film industry, Cinema of Japan, South Korean Cinema and Cinema of France and Germany.

Who work in film?

There is lot of workforce required to make a film. Actors do the acting in films, producers produce the film and director directs the film. There are various on location, on set, crew and people who work together to make a film.

Why do people make a film?

People make a film out of passion or for financial benefits. Furthermore, film is a way to express an idea while entertaining the audience. In conclusion, there are lot of reasons to make a film.

How the film is made step by step?

A made in the following steps, 1st step Development; in this stage is the development of an idea. Pre-production; in this stage all the things have been decided before the roll of camera. Production; daily shot within the budget in involve in it. Principal Photography; is most expensive step of film production due to the salary of every person and everything going as per decision is included in Principal Photography. Wrap; the period after completing shooting. Post-production; is the step were checking the movie completely and do addition and subtraction. The last step of film making is distribution; in this stage a producer makes money back and earns profit by selecting a good platform for the distribution such as Amazon Prime, cinema, and Netflix.

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