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Having an extended family with adults of different generations is the most important thing to have in the world. Family is the backbone of society with all the family laws including marriage, secrecy, family matters, child support, and many more to maintain affinity and well-being among its members. Despite its numerous advantages, extended families are also the building blocks of dysfunctional families. People especially children face child neglect, abuse, conflicts, misbehavior, and other inappropriate actions while handling their daily routines. Sometimes, in case of overt abuse on the part of a dominant parent, members need the services of a family doctor for the apathy to some degree. It’s the responsibility of the caretaker to manage and accommodate his/her immediate family to protect them from the consequences.

What makes a family a family?

Family members are the key component of a family. Family is an institution that is the second basic unit of a society. The basic unit of the society is an individual.

When do we need our family the most?

We need our family members most when we are ill and need care when we are happy or sad and share our feeling with them. We need our family members when we need pieces of advice because they always guide us in the correct way.

Where should my family live?

There are three major considerations which one should do before choosing a place where family should live. These considerations are security, facility and opportunity. One should choose a place which is secure and has required facilities. The opportunities to flourish and ensure welfare are also the key consideration in making the decision.

Who is a member of the family?

A group of personshas blood relationship, affinity, relationship through law for two or three generations is called a member of the family.

Why family is more important than friends?

Blood is thicker than water, hence, family accepts you in every situation and never lives you alone at any cost, but friend can live you anytime. Family makes you a person and teaches you each and everything on every step. Family always supported you financially while friends cannot support you lie them.

How important is the family?

The family is most important because they know us better than everyone. Our family loves us more than everyone. They take care of us and give a lot of respect. A family is our forever friend; we can share everything with them. The family gives us moral and financial support.

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