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Ethnic groups with the appendage of culture groups share common cultural backgrounds and feelings of belonging with any particular ethnic group as their ethnic group identity. Ethnic identity meaning involves presumed similarities such as language, religious beliefs, norms, values, ancestry, society, history, nation, or race. Cultural ethnic group allows certain small groups to influence other individuals’ beliefs, values, and norms. At the core, the identity group comprises of many small ethnic groups describe the concept of social influence within a group. Some of the examples of identity groups are football team’s leader may identity with his team members, a family’s adult with his family members, etc.

What are the most common ethnic groups?

The common ethnic groups can depend on area one live. Take the example of U.S. residents. The common ethnic group in America is African American or Native American.

When is world ethnic day?

The World Ethnic Day celebrates on the 19th of June every year. This day celebrates to connect our past traditions and customs which are still important for us.

Where does ethnicity come from?

Ethnicity comes from the source of the ethnic group. The source of the ethnic group is the basis by which the ethnic group can be distinguished from other groups. The sources can be common culture, religion, language, geographical area or social norms.

Who is an ethnic group?

An ethnic group is a group of people who identify themselves as a group. This identification can be based on things like common culture, language, geographical area, interests, history, society or culture.

Why ethnic studies emerged?

Ethnic studies emerged as the result of reform movements for the empowerment and equity of racial minorities in America. It was the period of the 1960s when ethnic studies started to emerge in America.

How does the ethnic group develop?

The ethnic group develops by time as the societies go forward. The source of ethnicity determines how a particular ethnic group may develop. A religious ethnic group can develop entirely different from a geographical ethnic group.

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