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Energy is the ability to do work. There are many types of energy; solar energy, geothermal energy, renewable energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, thermal energy, electrical energy, and tidal energy. Along with these all types, there are other sources of energy like non renewable energy that can be restored, biomass energy, and nuclear energy. For solar energy, people get solar plants.

What is the definition of energy in science?

Energy is the ability to do physical activity. There are a lot of physical activities that need the ability for completion. There are two main types of energy e.g Kinetic energy and potential energy.

When was energy first used?

For Energy, there is no proper word used for it but it used and people have a concept about it. Later in 1800, the word “Energy” used in the field of physics by Thomas Young for the first time. In this field, this word does not have popular. Later the Thomas Young had done an experiment on the wave of light throughout interference experiments.

Where do we get energy?

There are different ways to get energy; Biomass energy, Hydroelectric energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy, Wave energy, etc through this different way we can get energy. After this, we convert this energy from one form to another.

Who is the founder of energy?

Thomas Young coined the term of energy during his lectures to the Royal Society in 1802. He wrote that the product of the mass of a body into the square of its velocity may properly be termed its energy.

Why is energy important?

Almost everything we need in our daily life depends on energy. Energy fuels our economies and empowers many of the services that we depend on like our school, and hospital, industries, and homes, etc. energy is very important for our planet and living being.

How energy is created?

Energy is created in a different way it depends on energy forms. Different energy has different devices for creating like solar energy created through solar plate, for wind energy use the big fans, for hydrothermal use the big machines, and in fuel plant use generator, etc.

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