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Employment means doing work for certain wages or amount of money. There are different jobs by which people can earn well. People do government jobs, private jobs, and they work from home jobs. For making good careers people have to do job hunting. Currently, due to the online working system, many people earn very well by work from home jobs.

What is employment in simple words?

Employment is the work people do in exchange for financial benefits including wages etc. When people do an employment, they produce goods and services that are used by other people. Moreover, the financial benefits including wages earned through employment are spend on required goods and services by the employed people. Hence, it is drive economy and economic growth.

When was employment law introduced?

The employment laws were introduced in various countries according to working requirements and human rights. For example, In the UK, the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) was passed in 1996 by the Conservative government.

Where are employment tribunals held

The employment tribunals are the same as courts but are less formal in some countries. Some countries deal with employments matters in more court like employment tribunals while some follow less formal but more outcome-oriented tribunals. These tribunals are held in a government building or specified buildings under the headship of tribunal judges.

Who is an employee and employer?

An employee is a person who is doing work for another person, entity or organization. Meanwhile, an employer is a person, entity or organization who is providing a job or employment.

Why is employment so important?

Employment is a very important factor in the economy as it drives economic growth by contributing to the production and consumption of goods and services in the economy. It is a wheel that drives the economy and hence it is the key to balance in the society.

How is employment measured?

Employment is also the indicator of the economy and it is measured by comparing the number of people who can work i.e. age 15 to 64 and people who are at work. This indicator is used to check the economy’s position at a certain given period.

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