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Electricity is produced by the electric charge in electrons and their movements. It is an expensive form of energy, as people have to give the electric bill. There are many sources of energy for example renewable and non renewable resources. From the renewable form, electricity can be produced from water. Therefore, hydroelectricity is the most used form of electrical energy among others. Like it, renewable resource governments are thinking to shift the dependency on renewable sources of energy.

What is electricity in simple words?

The flow of the electron is called electricity. Electricity is a secondary source of energy. The unit of current is ampere which is denoted by “A”.

When was electricity first used?

In 180, Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery from copper and zinc. After many experiments on electricity, in 1878, Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb properly and lighted the world.

Where was electricity first used properly?

In 1882, Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York brought electric lights to parts of Manhattan. However, the spread of electric light was low and only in 1925 half of all homes in the U.S. have electric power.

Who discovered electricity?

There is a lot of misconception about the discovery of electricity. Some people view that Benjamin Franklin discovered it. If we go back to 600BC, the Ancient Greeks get the static electricity concept from rubbing Fur on Amber. in 1700, many experiments did on discover the electric devices.

Why electricity is important?

Electricity is one of the important blessings that science has given us. It is weightless, easy to transport and distribute. It is essential in modern life. Due to electricity heavy industries operated, home appliance run, electric train, and battery cares operated, building lift, computer, robot, and all modern equipment, etc operated on electricity. The use of electricity increases day by day and it has become the lifeline of each and every country in the world.

How did benjamin franklin discover electricity?

In the middle of 1752, Benjamin Franklin did an experiment on electricity. Kite experiment is the most famous experience of Benjamin franklin. He thought about the storm electricity. He made a kite and fit the iron rods in a kite. Fly the kite in a heavy storm, after some time the rode start lighting and the negative and positive charges. He understood the concept of electricity at that time but not fully.

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