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Education means learning at someplace and in return get a degree. For education, every student has to pass certain levels. These levels include Montessori, and then the students have to go to primary school, secondary school, and higher education. The department of education hires many teachers for teaching the students. Currently, physical education is more concerned for a better understanding of the students. Education and especially good education is the key to good life. It can change the whole life of a person. The complete concept of education can be understood by understanding six basic questions. So, let's start to understand education right away.

All you must know about education

What is a good education?

A good education is a system that makes better mental and behavioral growth of children. It helps students enjoy studying and make their better future. It also increases mental activities and thinking power. A good education also helps students in socializing and communicating with others.

When was the education system created?

The formal and more organized education was created in the late 17th century. It was the time when the US started to set the curriculum of core knowledge for each student. However, informal education systems were already working throughout the world.

Where is free education in the world?

Study in the Nordic countries is free. In the Nordic Nations such as; Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland all these countries offer free education or at a very low cost. In Norway, the study is totally free and all the university study is available free of any charge to all the students regardless of the level of the study and nationality.

Who started education?

Education is learning things and the humans started learning as soon as they had conscious. Writing was started around 3500 B.C when various writing systems were developed in the world. However, the oldest known alphabet was developed in central Egypt around 2000 B.C.

Why education is important in our life?

Education is important in the life of human beings because good education makes the mental and behavioral growth of children. Education develops personality and thinking power. It develops a person socially as well as economically. It helps in our daily life activities. Education teaches us humanity and gives us a better society. It helps us to get new skills and knowledge that keep a positive impact on the development of our life.

How does education affect your life?

Education connected with a broad range of outcomes. It teaches us humanity, develops a personality, better health, good society, strong economy. Education increases our thinking power in every field of life. Education keeps a positive impact on our daily life. Education raises great political interest and higher social trust.

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