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Drought means a decrease or complete absence of water. Climate change is a broad phenomenon global warming and drought is one of its effects. The excessive use of fossil fuels caused climate change. The anthropogenic substances in the air are the causes of global warming. Global warming means an increase in the average earth’s temperature. Due to these extreme weather patterns, drought has become a global crisis. Other climate change effects of global warming are excessive rains in some areas causing floods. Global warming drought and floods are the effects of global warming.

What is Drought?

Drought, which is also called drought, is a long shortage in the supply of water. This shortage of water can be due to atmospheric, ground, or surface water shortage. It can be declared for 15 days, months, and for years too.

When drought effects are worse?

Drought effects are worse when it is for a long time such as months or years. It declares a lot of shortage of food, water, decreases the capacity of livestock. Drought causes landscape, dust, and storms too. It also creates famine.

Where does Drought happen?

The countries which are in the list of Most Drought Prone Countries are Somalia, Iran, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, and Ethiopia. While in the USA droughts are mostly occur in the south and midwest.

Who is drought affecting?

Mostly living organisms are drought-affected like people, animals, foods, etc because plants and animals depend on water and due to drought the supply of water shrinks and habitat can damage, which causes less production of food.

Why are droughts bad?

Droughts are bad because it creates water and environmental pollution. Plants are badly affected by it. Drought creates a bad impact on the health of animals and birds they are forced to be migrated, dust Storms Become Common and loss of Biodiversity. Wildfire is very common in drought, and drought increased Desertification

How can we stop drought?

We can stop drought by conserving the water and stopping the unnecessary usage of water. Furthermore, making an ecosystem that can enhance the rainfall and water retention is also a valid idea to stop the drought.

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