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Cyclone is the rotation of huge mass. The cyclone is always created near in low pressure area to a high pressure area. The tropical storm is those storms that are produced in tropical areas of the earth due to air rotation. The cyclones have different names like in north Atlantic regions they are called hurricanes, in the pacific region they are called typhoons and in the south Indian ocean, they are called willy-willy.

What are Cyclone and its types?

A cyclone is a large mass of air that rotates around a center of low atmospheric pressure and the rotation of air is very strong. There are two main types of cyclones; middle-latitude cyclones and tropical cyclones. Mid-latitude cyclones are due to the reason of winter storms in the middle latitudes. tropical cyclones are known as hurricanes, which create strong rain or squalls.

When Cyclone occurs?

Cyclone occurs when the warm air near the surface of the sea rises upward and leaves the space. It usually occurs near the equator.

Where do cyclones happen?

tropical cyclones form over the North Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific, While Cyclones are created on the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Who gives the name of a cyclone?

Various warning institution that tracks cyclones gives them the names in order to provide information to media and other agencies for information of the general public.

Why are cyclones given female names?

In the early 20th century, cyclones were named after politicians. However, this practice was widely criticized and during the Second World War army and navy officers started giving names to cyclones after their girlfriends. Now, this practice is also discontinued and the names of males, females or things are given after rational selection procedures.

How is a cyclone caused?

A cyclone is usually caused due to the rise of warm air near the surface. This rise of warm surface leaves the space to be filled and it leads to cyclone eventually.

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