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Culture is the set of some specific trends, which are followed by the geographical same people. There are different cultures and subcultures in the world. Examples of culture are material culture, diverse culture, folk culture, social culture, and language. The county is represented by its culture and language. The material culture examples are people used to wear Ajrak and Topi in Sindh.

What are the types of culture?

There are two basic types of culture material culture and non-material culture. In material culture physical things produced by society and in non-material culture intangible things are formed by society.

When does culture change?

Culture change when one culture contact with the other culture, after contact with the other culture diffusion occur and transfer of ideas started between cultures and culture change.

Where does culture come from?

Culture comes from groups of people living together. The groups of people living together form societies and these societies have a way of life. This way of life is usually called culture. It can be said that culture is the integrated patterns of behaviors, morals, values, knowledge, beliefs and attitude.

Who originated the idea of culture?

The idea of culture was used in various places. However, it is believed that Richard Hoggart coined the term of culture in 1964 at the time when he was founding the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies.

Why should we know about our culture?

If we know our culture we will be a better position to understand the culture of others. We will be able to accept or reject the beliefs of others and our own culture, in the great diversified cultures. If we know the culture we are connected in the strong invisible bonds which tie a community together.

How is culture important?

Culture is an important aspect for people because it defines the evolutionary identity of them. Jest because of culture people understand their ancestral values. Culture makes the people unique from the other part of the world due to their different values of the culture from marriage tradition to religious beliefs.

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