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The county is the land where people of the same cultural, religious, political, and social background live. The area of the country could be anywhere. Every county has some cities. A city is the area of a county. There are many countries in the world. Examples of the county are Pakistan, India, and Russia. Vatican City is the smallest county in the world.

What you mean by country?

The county is a nation, people of a nation in a specific land called country. Examples of a country are China, America, and Pakistan, etc. The people living in a country are usually called nation who live under some government rule.

Why are there still 3rd world countries?

There are still third world countries because these countries are left behind in the development process due to lack of economical, natural, or human resources. These countries are, in a way, tied in the vicious circle of mismanagement and lack of resources.

Where are countries located?

Countries are located on the Earth. Every country has its own sovereignty. Every country has its own territory and territorial space. The territory is the land within the boarder of the country. The space in the air above the territory is the air space or territorial space of that particular country. Same applies to the sea and water near the country. International standards are set and all the boarders in water are either clearly marked or disputed.

When countries develop?

A country becomes a developed country when it becomes a sovereign state with a large number of industries and with a good Human Developed Index as compared to other countries. The economy of the country must be a very developed and technological advanced infrastructure.

Who are residents of the country?

The residents of the country are called the nationals of that country. Usually the people who are born in the country are called the residents of the country. However, in today world, migration and refugees has introduced new ways of becoming residents of the country.

How many countries are in the world?

There are total 195 countries in the world. The member states of the United Nations are 193 countries, and the rest of the 2 countries, the State of Palestine and the Holy See, are the non-member observer states.

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