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Civilization is the combined term for any human settlement. A civilized state could be one that has a complete code of life literature, living behaviors, technological development including their clothes and language. The first civilization on earth or the first human civilization on earth is still unknown. The most developed world civilization includes Indus valley civilization, Chinese civilization, the Egyptian civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, and Harappa civilization. All these human civilizations evolved around 5000 years ago. Many completely vanished and some still exist in the world. The roman and Greek civilizations are still famous for their art and philosophy. Islamic civilization is famous for its just and pluralistic system.

What is civilization?

Civilization is the process in which a society reaches the advance stage in social and cultural development and organization. Those people have a particular society, culture and a proper way of life, in a specific area.

Why is civilization significant?

Civilization is important because it makes the people unite, it develops social and cultural advancement. It develops a different and easy source of income. Civilization is significant because people know the proper way to live, to build home, to communicate properly, and to do more and more advancement in culture and society.

Where is the birth of civilization?

The civilization began 10,000 BC, in the middle east rivers named Tigris and Euphrates. The first cities of the world named Ur and Babylon were built and developed into vast empires

When did the civilization start?

The new study suggested that the birth of civilization is started in 10, 000 BC. People thought about civilization and the birth of proper civilization began in 10,000 BC.

Who is the oldest civilization?

Mesopotamia is the first civilization and it is discovered to the oldest civilization. It is discovered between the Asian Minor and the Persian Gulf. This area was fertile and good for agriculture. People started agriculture and began domestic animals.

How civilization started?

Civilization started when people started to live together and tried to make things better. The collective efforts and understanding pushed the humans into advanced social and structural setup. Hence, the civilization started.

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