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Biologists couldn't know what living things are made of. It becomes only possible after the invention of the microscope.Robert Hooks in 1665 by modifying the microscope he observed a thin slice of crook. He noticed that the slice was made of compartments that he named as cells. After years of research on cell structure, it was finally cleared that every living thing is made of cells. There is a huge difference between plant and animal structures. The plant cell structure possesses an extra outermost layer called a cell wall. While animal cells possess a single outermost layer called a cell membrane. The animal cell structure is different from plants in many other ways. For example, plants also possess a green pigment called chlorophyll while animals don’t have such type of thing at all.

What is Cell Structure?

The cell is the basic unit of life and its structure is the components of it. every component has its specific functions to carry out the processes of life. The cell has these major components such as cell wall, nucleus, cell membrane, and cell organelles.

When Cell Structure was first discovered?

The cell structure was discovered in 1665. The "natural philosopher" and an early scientist of that time named Robert Hooke was discovered cell structure.

Where did Hooke discover cells?

Robert Hooke was first discovered in the plant cell. He saw that the cell is like a room and he name it cell.

Who is the father of Cell theory?

Theodor Schwann and Matthias Jakob Schleiden were the fathers of the cell theory. They discovered cell theory in 1830.

Why is it important to understand cell structure and function?

Studying the cell structure and function of cell structure understand help us to understand how that works. These cells work together to carry the different functions in our body and carry out life functions. It is important to understand because this process enables organisms to complete basic needs.

How was the first cell structure discovered?

The first cell structure was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 when he saw dead cell walls of the plant cell under the microscope.

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