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All you must know about business

What the business is?

Business is the activity of making a profit by buying or producing and selling products and services. It can be a small street peddler to general motors.

When should you close down a business?

A small business owner closes down a business when rescission or downturns started. A large business owner closes down the business before a year when he forced to close down his business.

Where do productive ideas come from in business?

The productive ideas come from different people who are from different areas, gender, race, age and many more. More diversified people more productive can come.

Who is the owner of the business?

The legal proprietor of a business is the owner of a business. An individual or the number of people who owns the assets of the business is the owner of the business and the profit of business for them.

Why small business is important?

Small business is important for the owner as well as for a country. The small business owners create opportunities for a large business, a huge profit, and a successful entrepreneur. They create jobs for people which faster the local economy, support country and communities and keeping money close to home.

How can I start my own business with no money?

People can start their own business with no money by doing freelancing. Freelancers need no money to start their own business and they can be great entrepreneurs and earn a huge profit.

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