Atmospheric Pollution

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All you must know about Atmospheric Pollution

What are Atmospheric Pollution and its types?

Atmospheric Pollution is a harmful quantity of substances that are set up into the earth's atmosphere due to different sources such as; gases, particulates, and biological molecules. The six major types of Atmospheric Pollution are carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter, and lead.

When atmospheric pollution is most dangerous?

The atmospheric pollution is most dangerous when these gases and particulars are included in the air such as ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead.

Where do atmospheric pollutants come from?

atmospheric pollutants come from four main ways; mobile sources, stationary sources, area sources, and natural sources. In mobile resources, all those resources are included which move such as; cars, buses, planes, trains these are used for transportation. In stationary sources, different power plants, industries, oil refineries, industries, and factories are included. Area sources are agriculture, cities, wood-burning, fireplaces are included and in natural sources, different natural activities are included such as wind-blown dust, wildfires, and volcanoes

Who causes atmospheric pollution?

Mostly human causes atmospheric pollution and some natural activities such as wind-blown dust, wildfires, and volcanoes causes atmospheric pollution.

Why atmospheric pollution is harmful?

Atmospheric pollution is harmful because it causes different long term bed effect on human and animal health such as; heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases. It also damages people’s kidney, liver, nerves and other different organs. atmospheric pollution causes skin problems as well as birth defects.

How atmospheric pollution can be decreased?

Reduce the use of your own car usually use public transport, reduce the fireplace and wood stove use, avoid burning material which created air pollution like leaves and trash, avoid using byproduct in agriculture which creates pollution.

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