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Art means drawing something with the help of imagination and that is beautiful. Art is a wide and broad term. It includes many things painting, drawing, singing, writing, dancing, and even literature. The person who knows art is called an artist. The art, like other fields, is also modifying. The modern or contemporary art includes art on computers as well. Digital art includes graphical designing, 3D computer designing, photo-painting, and pixel art.

All you must know about art

What is art?

Art; different people have different definitions of art because art is the name of thoughts, creativeness, skills, imaginations, expression, intuitions and desires. In simple words, art is the expression of human skills and creativity such as painting, music, and dance. The different forms of art are; painting, music, dance, photography, films, theater, literature, and architecture.

Why is art made and loved?

People made and love art because words are not enough all the time. Art gives us fun, adventure, teach humanity, reuniting people, show inside feelings of people, show the present and previous memory which we cannot say on any other way, without art.

Where we can find art?

We can find art everywhere around us. We just need train eyes to see it. we find art in galleries, museums, movies, TV shows, paintings, dancing, photographs, literary books, and in short we can find art everywhere in creativity. we can find art in the dressing of the people, to speak in the best way in the best time is also an art.

Who can make art?

Every person who has creative can make art. Art is about practice and creativity. Hence, everyone who is creative in work and does consistence practice can make a good piece of art.

When art did begin?

History of art is very old, in seventeen thousand years ago, human painted the pictures of different animals on the walls of the caves. These found in different walls of the caves in France, Europe, and Indonesia. Scientists found that the painting on the wall is the oldest art in the world and this is at least 40,000 years old art. It means that the art is as older as old the human is.

How to get interested in art?

People can interest in art by introducing different art subjects in their educational institutions. Children should be attached to art from childhood. Make the art accessible to every person. Conduct different art projects in schools and empower students to participate in it. Give some specific time of your day for art.

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