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The art or science of making and designing buildings is called architecture. The person who performs that duty is called an architect. The branch which deals with this field is called civil engineering. The architect designs any building. Most of the older buildings and architectures were designed by experts. Currently, this work is done by architectural designers and architecture firms. There work is to guide and tell the people about the building and it’s expensive. Currently, no building or house can be made without the help of an architect. The architecture industry is increasing day by day with the development of modern techniques and technology.

All you must know about Architecture

What is called architecture?

Architecture is the field of engineering about designing, planning, constructing of the building and some other types of structures.

When do people require an architect?

People require an architect when they want to plan, build or design a building or structure. Architect can plan and exactly show how to construct a structure and what the finished structure should look like.

Where do architecture work?

Architecture usually works in the construction companies, property companies or in private offices. Architectures provide services as a part of their work.

Who is the father of architecture?

Louis Sullivan is known as the father of architecture. He belongs to America.

Why is architecture so important?

Architecture is very important in our lives. Through architecture, we know in advance about our building capacity, economical, shape, and design, etc

How does an architect design a building?

Architect design a building in different processes and different methods. It depends on the building and place. For this designing of building, architecture engineer uses the logical and mathematical knowledge, different software, different devices and different types of equipment for designing, shape the buildings.

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