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What is a simple definition of pressure?

The pressure is the sum of pushing something on something else. It can also be expressed as the force per unit area.

When to pressure wash house?

A pressure wash can provide a new look to your house. Hence, one should annually pressure wash house or else before the new paint is a good time to pressure wash.

Where are the pressure points of the body?

Pressure points of the body are located throughout the body and it is believed that pressuring a certain point can provide relief to a certain part of the body.

Who discovered pressure?

Evangelista Torricelli was an Italian physicist who first discovered air pressure in the 17th Century. He also developed a mercury barometer that is used to measure air pressure of many things including blowing up tires and predicting the weather.

Why pressure is measured in mmHg?

The pressure is measured in mmHg because it is the unit of measurement of pressure.

How does pressure affect a reaction?

It depends upon what is the material or element on which pressure is being put.

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